Lost Episode Recap: "Happily Ever After" Season 6, Episode 11

On Tuesday's episode of Lost, Desmond goes slip-siding through the time-space continuum again, and his role in Widmore's endgame for the island becomes slightly clearer - but only slightly.

Why does Charles Widmore bring Desmond to the island?

Once Widmore fills him in on his current location - which, needless to say, he's not happy about - he very matter-of-factly tells Des that he needs his help and afterward, he's going to need him to make a big sacrifice. Uh-oh. Specifically, Widmore is interested in the fact that Des survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event and hopes to put him through another one to test his abilities. As for the sacrifice, well, it seems like he wants Des to give his life since, as has been often repeated, "the island isn't done with him yet."

What happens during the test?

Widmore, Zoe & Co. lock Desmond in a rudimentary shed with a giant metallic donut in it. Once they power the thing up, it glows bright red-orange and looks pretty painful for its occupant - at least it did to the guy who died in there just before Des' turn.

There's a flash of white light and suddenly, Des is looking at an Oceanic Air arrivals board in LAX. He meets cute with Claire at the luggage claim and meets not-so-cute with his driver, George Minkowski (Fisher Stevens), who takes him back to "the office." There he meets his boss, Charles Widmore, with whom he seems pretty friendly. Widmore asks him to baby-sit a musician who's in town to perform at a benefit that Mrs. Widmore is having and had some trouble on his flight. "Ever heard of Driveshaft?" Widmore asks. Of course!

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