'Justified' - 'Fathers and Sons' Recap Episode 12

Former ABC entertainment president Tony Thomopoulous famously stated that the reason the Zucker Brothers' cult cop comedy spoof 'Police Squad!' failed is because viewers actually had to sit down and watch it.

It may sound like the most idiotic statement since someone let Dan Quayle step in front of a microphone, but he had a point. Television can be a very passive form of media consumption. You're not locked into your favorite chair when the TV is on like you are at the movie theater where the screen is the only thing forcing your line of attention. You can leave it on while you eat dinner, check your email or clean your guns.

If, however, you left last night's 'Justified' on in the background, you missed one hell of an interesting twist. Replay it and watch it from start to finish. Hot glue yourself to your Barcalounger if you have to.

There's an interesting dynamic in the dueling showdowns between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder and their respective daddies. Boyd has become a man of faith and sees himself as a renegade force of evil against his father who hopes to turn his little corner of Kentucky into the biggest producer of meth this side of the Oklahoma border. Raylan, of course, still has his hang-ups with his crooked father who has his hands stuck in more mobster's honey pots than a six armed Winnie the Pooh.

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