Recap: Episode 8.8

Previously on The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams had to design a fashion show featuring Ivanka Trump's line of jewelry. Piers Morgan from last season came back on the show, and tonight, two celebrities will be fired.

Tonight's episode opens in the board room. The remaining celebrities are making idle chit chat when Ivanka and Piers Morgan walk in. Piers is intensely and Britishly disappointed that the apprentices aren't working busily.

Piers and Ivanka pay a visit to Brande Roderick and Melissa Rivers, and they immediately set about slowing smoke up Piers' ass. As soon as he leaves, Melissa scrambles, making calls and working. Brande is all, "Why didn't she start doing this hours ago?"

Annie Duke gets a call from one of her friends, who happens to be Phil Hellmuth, and learns that Natalie Gulbis managed to finagle a donation from one of Annie's team. Annie is livid about this and gets on the phone with that wayward friend and rips him a new one. Joan can hear the fight through the wall, but she tries not to pay any mind to Annie. After manually reaming Phil, Annie goes and personally bitches out Natalie to her face. It turns out that Phil is going to pull his donation or something.

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