Fringe' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap: 'Over There, Part 1' is one great half of a fantastic finale

The first half of the two-part Fringe season finale, “Over There,” hurtled us over there - to the alternate universe, where Peter was following his true father, and where alternative versions of Olivia, Broyles, and even Astrid existed in cleverly different versions of the ones we know.

Over there, Olivia is an auburn-haired, wisecracking, jack-booted member of a Fringe Division that's overseen by the Department of Defense, headed up by the Man Formerly Known As The Walternate, Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop. The opening moments played like a little action movie, following a black-uniformed team of Fringe Division soldiers headed up by Altivia, Charlie (yes, Kirk Acevedo, back in fine form), and Lincoln Lee (Dirty Sexy Money's Seth Gabel). They're under the direct command of a 'Colonel' Broyles in a tight black t-shirt; his assistant was an Agent Farnsworth who had a black military beret and a glassy, savant affect.

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