Five Warning Signs That Jake and Vienna Wouldnâ??t Last - Wetpaint

NOW that the honeymoon is over and Vienna’s 15 minutes of fame are just about up (at least for a few years, at which point Celebrity Rehab will presumably come knocking on her door), we don’t want to say that we told you so. And yet, well... we told you so. In fact, here are what should have been the five telltale signs that Jake and Vienna’s “romance for the ages” was more like a “romance for as long as it would take for either of them to start dating someone more famous”.

5. Those choreographed kisses

There something to be said for protesting too much. Their PDA seemed so staged and shoved down our throats that we had to wonder if it really was all for show. It’s not like we see legitimately happy couples going at it on the red carpet all that often - for example, Brad and Angelina. (And we don’t see Regis and his wife going at it very often either, but that’s probably for the best.)

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