Supernatural' season finale Season 5, Episode 22 Recap: Nothing ever really ends...does it?

It’s been a weird season of Supernatural. Since the beginning of the series, it excelled at taking us all on this great mythological ride. But whereas past seasons found a way to make every episode relevant to the larger story arcs (even the humorous episodes chock full of campy goodness), this season’s main plot seemed to hobble with a limp leg toward resolution. Don’t get me wrong: Each episode was good for what it was meant to be, but some were so lacking in purpose that a few felt like they could have been absorbed by other episodes, which was frustrating as a viewer. Forgivable (because the show is just that fun), but a little frustrating. But last night’s episode sent every minuscule gripe and grievance straight to hell where they belong. In the end, they made it all work and brought me to tears several times in the process. With little regard for the emotional health of their audience, here’s how they did it. Cue “Carry On Wayward Son.”

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