Recap: "The Natural Order"

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, Liz and Tracy experimented with equality in the workplace, Jack's investigation of his mother's boyfriend led to a startling revelation and Jenna became a grandmother. Sort of. On with the recap!

Wow, between cable TV snafus, vacations and covering the Grey's-yard shift last week, it feels like the last time I recapped the Rock, Rachel Dratch was playing a cat lady! My brother from another mother, Mickey, did a bang-up job handling some great episodes, though. This week's was a good time, as well.


The "TGS" staff's best efforts to get Tracy to work on time implode when the aggregated clock and schedule tampering play havoc with his life. "I took my son to his cello recital at what turned out to be midnight yesterday!" When push comes to shove, Tracy emerges as a buttoned-up professional, reporting to work on time, knowing his lines, mastering dance moves and even minding the union's breaks.

Ah, but the New Tracy comes with a price. In the spirit of equality, he insists that Liz forego any favoritism as well - a class shake-up that first manifests itself in a battle 'tween Liz and a watercooler bottle. Next, Liz is urged to "be one of the boys" and tolerate the writing staff's heretofore unbridled gas-passing, as well as attend Lutz's fake bachelor party.

But just before braving the strip club to cheer on the "hot mothers and daughters," Liz gives Tracy a "twist" - he must stay behind to revise scripts. One late night with a cleaning man and one bare-chested Lutz later, Tracy and Liz cry uncle and agree to return to the "natural order."

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