Recap: "Casual Friday"

In "Casual Friday," Michael returns to The Office, and instead of finding fawning co-workers, he faces a full-fledged mutiny from his sales team. Meanwhile, Jim and Creed play chess, and Toby makes the office staff respect his authority.

Before I dive into the episode recap, we had a fascinating one-on-one this week with the one and only Creed Bratton. Read about Creed's theory on his Office screen time (or lack thereof), his feelings on Ginseng Suppositories, and more.

And now on to the main event.

Kevin's Famous Chili

In the cold open, we're introduced to Kevin's calm and soothing voice-over expounding on the subtleties of making the perfect chili, while we see Kevin stumble, bumble and spill the big tub of chili all over reception. Come on - fess up -- if you guys had slaved for hours the night before making the perfect chili, only to have it all spill, you too would have at least thought of scooping it back in the tub, especially if no else was around. I think we used to call that the three-second rule.

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