Recap: "The Rapture"

Supernatural's Misha Collins got to show off his range in "The Rapture," an episode where we learned about Castiel's human vessel. But even above and beyond this sad, sad story, Dean finally found out Sam's big secret.

We were first introduced to Castiel in the season premiere. Over the course of the season, we saw an angel who slowly but surely started to show glimpses of humanity. Uriel even let it be known that Cas had sort of a soft spot for Dean. And in "The Monster at the End of this Book" the angel helped Dean win a battle over Lilith who was trying to seduce and make a deal with Sam.

I guess that was enough to get Castiel in trouble with the angel powers that be. But before we get to that, we first saw Cas appear to a very serene Dean in a dream (Dean was fishing). He wasn't talking much; he handed Dean a note to arrange a meeting. When the brothers got to this rendezvous point, it looked "like a bomb went off." Sam and Dean deduced there had been "angel-on-angel violence." They found Castiel, but it wasn't Cas; it was really his human vessel named Jimmy...

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