Community' Episode 24 Recap: Making the grade

Coming on the heels of what could be considered an 'event' of an episode, Community was back in normal form last night, which is not at all a bad thing. Sure, last week's episode was everything pop culture freaks (term used lovingly) could have hoped for, but its success largely hinged on the viewer's ability to recognize the litany of movie reference it contained. On the contrary, this week was something for everyone.

It was finals time at Greendale, and the gang was looking forward to finishing Spanish 102. But their next step was up for debate. The gang (sans Jeff) wanted to move on to Spanish 103, until learning it was a 6 a.m. class, and Jeff just wanted to stay on track with his four-year graduation plan - group and friends be damned - which meant his Spanish days would soon be behind him. His announcement didn't sit well Annie, whose overwhelming desire to keep her small circle of friends took precedence over her ability to make good decisions.

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