Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Baby, Let's Play House" Season 1, Episode 2

The second episode of Memphis Beat centers largely on family and the ties that bind. From the family at the center of this week's crime to Dwight and Lt. Rice's own familial revelations, the thread running through these is one of extreme loyalty. Whether it's to a murderer, a harsh parental figure, the untarnished memory of a role model, or an obligatory play, our characters are stickin' tight with their kin.

We open on Dwight and his kooky sidekick, Whitehead, as they discuss Whitehead's obligatory foray into the stage world courtesy of his cousin's play, La Familia. They're immediately sidetracked by freshly scrawled graffiti and chase down the young punk responsible. Whitehead's out-of-breath pursuit leads me to believe he could use a personal training session down at Curves (you'll get me in a minute).

We cut to a pretty blond primping and a reclining Dwight looking quite sated and happy. They get their smooch on until Dwight's distracted by a crashing curtain rod. We quickly learn two things; this pretty lady is Alex, Dwight's ex whom we suspect he often falls back in cahoots with, and that Dwight has a penchant for being a Mr. Fix-It, which apparently isn't always a welcome attribute.

Dwight meets Whitehead over at a school where he gently chides his buddy for falling back with his ex. Dwight cheekily responds, "You're a sad old man with a dried up heart. Tell Ann Marie I feel sorry for her." At the school, two boys are disciplined for fighting and one of the boys, Scotty, claims his Dad is in the FBI and the terrorists took him away. Dwight, feeling a connection with this youngin who idolizes his father, offers to check it out. I'm not sure why these detectives (detectives, not officers, ya hear!) have been called to handle a school yard tiff... but I'll just go with it.

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