Review: The Deep End - Pilot (series premiere)

I like this show! Let's face it. Grey's Anatomy is dying, and The Deep End is Grey's Anatomy (the early years, that is), only with lawyers. It's got plenty of snappy dialogue, romantic sparks, inter-office power struggles, handsome people in nice clothes, office sex, Black-Eyed Peas tunes and cupcakes! What's not to love?

It didn't take long to get into the meat of the show. In the first 15 minutes, we had the setup and got a peek at all the characters. The story follows fresh-out-of-law-school attorneys who are dropped into the Sterling firm and scurry around to find their footing and please the higher-ups. The firm's promise to nurture the young newbies is quickly replaced with dropping them into the deep end and letting them flounder around. It's every man and woman for themselves!

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