America's Next Top Model Season 13, Episode 11: "Hawaiian Hip Hop" - Recap

Sundai left us last week, leaving four girls in the Top Model house. As we remember from last week, two girls will be eliminated in this episode. Who will be left to battle it out for the title of America's Next Top Model?

Nicole talks about how she can't believe she is in the top four. Her monotonous, robotic voice seems to sounds more human, as she proclaims she feels like a completely different person.

A Tyra-mail arrives and leads the girls to hula dancers who start doing hip-hop moves. Anna-Rita Sloss, a hula/hip-hop instructor teaches the girls some dance steps. She tells them they each will have a solo in the routine and must tell their story through the dance.

Erin, a former cheerleader, is super cocky and immediately takes over the role of teacher as soon as the girls are left to practice on their own. She has dance experience, so it's natural she would pick up the steps, but her attitude makes me want to see her fall flat on her face. The other girls seem to get the dance also, but Nicole struggles and looks pretty awkward.

Miss Jay appears and informs the girls that they will perform with other dancers and be judged. The winner will receive a vacation in Maui with a friend - all expenses paid.

Jennifer goes first and does decently. Erin's hip hop part was kickass, as much as I hate to admit it. Her story was odd though. Laura's story was the best and looked natural. Nicole was awful. Miss Jay's reenactment was hysterical!

The winner is Laura. I'm so glad it's not Erin. It'll be good for Laura to get away from castrating bulls. She chooses Jennifer to go with her.

The second Tyra-mail talks about timing, and sends the girls to see Jay at the "secret beach." In this shoot, the girls will be styled like Pele, a beautiful goddess with a fiery temper. The will be shot with the ocean waves approaching in the background. Then, Jay announces that two girls will go home this week. Top Model finally gets interesting. Now that's what I'm talking about!

The girls are shooting with Steve Shaw. Jennifer and Laura struggle, while Nicole delivers "a campaign-worthy shot" according to Jay. Erin starts off poorly, but pulls it together.

At judging, Erin's shot is really pretty but Tyra says she looked sleepy. Jennifer's shot is really weird. The background overpowers her, and her mouth is open in an odd way. Laura's shot is great, but her face looks like a deer in headlights. Her pose is beautiful! Nicole's picture is lousy. They definitely did not pick her best shot. Her face is beautiful in the close-up, but I know there must have been better pictures.

Tyra has made her decision. Nicole is the first finalist, followed by Laura. Jennifer and Erin are sent home.

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