Review: Grey's Anatomy - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked Season 6, Episode 12

This episode of Grey's Anatomy reestablished Meredith as the core character of the show: she was the one who had to deal with Derek's problems with the chief, the aftermath of Alex and Lexie, Christina's driven nature, and had to console the chief. Fortunately for her, it was one of those weeks where she actually had the time to brush her hair.

I've gotten some criticism when I declined to watch the Private Practice crossover. After seeing this episode, I don't think that I needed to watch the crossover episode at all. Mark was devastated about Lexie, had sex with Addison because he was so depressed, and was upset that Lexie acted so immature. He quickly explains that in one minute. There goes that relationship.

The core storyline this week came from the one patient with a tumor on the lungs. Before I get into any analysis, I have to commend the show for allowing a gay couple to be on without having to emphasize the fact that they were gay. This week's patient tied in with Cristina's passion for surgery versus love, but the situation bled to Alex since he would have picked the surgery, as well. I have no qualms about Cristina being a driven person who gets pleasure in doing something she's very passionate about. And she's blunt about it. I do think that it was quite stereotypical having Teddy blurt out things while she was drunk, but I'm really excited to see how Owen will try to sway Cristina. I'm willing to have Teddy around (she hasn't grated on me yet) just to keep Cristina's storyline going.

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Jan 22, 2010 7:54PM EST

This episode was so sad and pessimist. From almost every couple (except callie/arizona) either breaking up or having trouble getting along to the message that you can't have it all. It was just one big moping session! I did like the surgery vs love theme because anyone who is in the health-care field knows that especially for women society assumes that you cant be a good doctor, nurse, etc while having a prominent social and marital life. But I have to say personally profession vs love, i would pick love; like Izzie says "Surgery, it's the thing you come home from, not the thing you come home to". Speaking of Izzie, rumor has it her next appearance in the show will be mid-to-late feb which probably means she might not be in the valentines day themed episode. As for Mark and Sloan their brief face-off was a little confusing because they broke up and both slept with other people but Sloan assumes he had the bigger right? That scene just left me a little confused. I loved Meredith in this episode as well as Derek they really took center-stage with their opposing view points with regards to Chief. They both were really strong in their dialogue delivery making it seem like an argument between equal whereas sometimes Meredith seems weak and submissive to Derek. I like the little bits of humor in this episode such as the Owen and Derek scene was cute because that the first time that i have seen them together in a happy scene and they were really good in Made of honor. I loved Owen's reference to Meredith and Lexie as the twisted sisters which could be a reference to the 2006 movie by the same name where one girl has it all and the other learns to survive on very little which could relate to Lexie and Meredith in terms of their family support system while they were growing up.

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