Review: Burn Notice - A Dark Road (mid-season premiere) Season 3, Episode 10

Welcome back, Burn Notice. We've missed you. The story picked up a day or two after the resolution of the Strickler thing, with Fiona still on the mend and Michael more than a little miffed by the missed opportunity to get back in the spy game. And if sore feelings and healing wounds weren't painful enough, there's a new threat for Michael.

The good news was the Miami authorities weren't blaming Diego's death on Michael, the bad news is Michael's a target. But while the plan to unburn Michael Westen has been shelved, Fiona still has a side business going as a local Irish Robin Hood. That's right, she presented herself as the boss with Sam and Michael her lackeys. Sweet.

The whole insurance scam was a perfect excuse for plenty of car chases ... or as Michael referred to it, "precision driving." If you think you can only get high speed chases in exotic locales in the movies, think again. The stuff on this episode was top notch, especially the group driving to set up planned accidents. And there were at least three really good action scenes.

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