Review: 30 Rock - Winter Madness Season 4, Episode 11

Being from Boston myself, I'm really enjoying these Boston (and Waltham)-centric episodes of 30 Rock. I often cringe at shows that have episodes set around this area. They'll get a location wrong or make dumb assumptions about us or get an accent wrong (more on that after the jump), but this show is getting a lot of little things wrong. Even the street scenes were well done, with the brick and all that.

And wait... Nancy mentioned Kelly's Roast Beef and, holy crap, Jack and Nancy actually imitated Chet Curtis and Natalie Jacobson? That is 55 kinds of awesome. Someone at 30 Rock knows Boston well.

So this episode was all about Liz and the gang wanting to go on a getaway to some place warm like Miami but Jack switching it to Boston instead. This sort of depressed me. Not their trip to Boston, the fact that Liz is fed up with winter and wants to get away to Florida. Who the hell wants to go to Florida? I'm a fall and winter guy (I get summer madness, not winter madness), and in my mind I picture Liz as being the same way. In one episode a few seasons ago she even talked about how gross it was that some people wore flip flops. I picture Liz as hating the beach and the sand and the humidity, just like I do. I picture her all cozy in her apartment with her junk food and her TV and her cup of hot cocoa and her magazines. I don't want to think of Liz wanting to get away to some supposed warm paradise. I'm going to consider this episode an aberration in that regard.

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