'Rescue Me' - 'Change' Recap Season 6, Episode 2

After last week's whirlwind tour through the people and environments that make up Tommy's world, things slowed down a bit this week so we could settle into this altered reality. In a lot of ways, that's exactly what it feels like. It's as if Tommy got shot and woke up in a parallel world that's almost exactly like the world he left, but just not quite.

The surreal tone of the premiere was lifted a bit, and things got back to normal in the firehouse, which means inappropriately awkward conversations in the kitchen amongst the guys and daring rescues on the job. This rescue, however, is both good and bad.

It looks like the danger of the firehouse getting shut down is going to be the underlying story that runs through at least these first few episodes, as we got a little bit of progress on that front. As for Tommy's personal front, it took some unexpected turns this week.

After his disastrous appearance in church last week, I was sure Tommy was going to immediately spiral down into that abyss. I guess not being able to be that bastard sitting on the pulpit flipping the bird was instead a wake-up call to Tommy that he wasn't ready to stop caring and throw in the towel. Unfortunately, it also is not likely that "rock bottom" alcoholics talk about.

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Jul 9, 2010 9:47AM EDT

I am so happy this series is back! It's funny, sad, shocking... a great show.

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