Review: Project Runway - The Fashion Farm Season 7, Episode 2

This week's challenge on Project Runway fell under the unconventional materials category. The contestants had burlap potato sacks and a day and a few embellishments to transform it into a party look for their models. The models got to choose their clients, so there was a slight shuffle with a handful of designers. The model-as-client episodes are a reminder that while the models have opinions, it's ultimately up to the designer to know what is both visually stunning and matches their aesthetic.

There are still too many contestants, I don't think I heard a peep from Captain Jack Sparrow or last week's winner Emilio. We still get a lot of quirky Ping, including her pronunciation of "Buttocks." As for Anthony, I'm tired of him ending statements by announcing "period." The real question is, will these outlandish characters survive the long haul, or are they being focused on because they will be eliminated?

Tim gets his chance to mentor the contestants, but since we don't have time to go through fifteen different contestants, we only see six critiques. Sadly, this leaves the episode quite predictable as the six critiques that we get to see Tim give (Pamela, Mila, Jay, Ping, Amy and Jesus) all end up under the spotlight. Tim reminds the contestants that it's about the judges' opinions and not the model's. He also reminds contestants that it's good to be ambitious, but to keep in mind that there are time constraints. Pamela gets praise for her color job, but is given suggestions to make it a two piece by Tim; she doesn't listen. Jesus doesn't listen to Tim that there isn't enough of a strong potato sack to embellishment ratio.

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