An Angry Kid Throws Food in Jillian Michaels' Face (VIDEO)

On 'Losing It With Jillian' (Tue.,8PM ET on NBC), personal trainer Jillian Michaels travels to Arizona to help out an overweight Native American family. While meeting the family, who are of the Yavapai-Apache Nation tribe, Jillian learns a lot about local customs, which seem to involve eating a lot of "fry bread" -- dough that is deep-fried in lard. Not particularly healthy.

Eventually, while hanging out during a Native American gathering, Jillian can't really take it anymore. "Looking around, everybody's obese," she says. So she grabs the "fry bread" and tries to throw it out. Unfortunately, she's intercepted by a couple of kids, who want their delicious (but unhealthy) bread back. One of the kids still has some bread left, and his level of annoyance is so high that he throws it in her face.

"You're an idiot," the child says, after hitting Jillian with the foodstuff. He doesn't get to eat the bread, though, since he threw it away. "Well, maybe you'll live longer, kid," is Jillian's reply.

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