Episode Recap: "Dual"

In the final installment of the "Villains" volume, the thematic issue of duality that underscored the last 12 weeks came to a head in a weirdly non-confrontational way. That is, the two allegiances (good guys and bad) didn't truly face off in any kind of grand war. But there was plenty of self-exploration, some self-motivation, a game of cat-and-mouse and ultimately at least one "duel". By the time it was said and done, some of what we've come to know was going down in flames (literally), while other plots were hatched. Oh, and this episode stacked up a pretty impressive body count along the way. Let's get to it!

With Arthur dead (really dead, it seems) Peter plans to destroy the formula and thus save the world. There's just one problem: Nathan has quickly turned into little Arthur, and refuses to let Peter carry out his plan. He urges Peter to take a side, which he clearly does when he knocks Nathan out cold and moves toward the lab. There, he finds Mohinder preparing to inject himself with the new formula as a last-ditch effort to save himself from the scaly monster he has become. When Mohinder becomes agitated (thanks mostly to Daphne rushing in to steal his syringe...more on that later), Peter surprisingly receives backup from Flint and Knox, who without Arthur have no problem destroying Mohinder's lab.

As they set about doing so, Knox explores Pinehearst to find that the super soldier has revived Nathan. But before they can hatch a plan, Knox snaps his neck. Nathan tries to tell Knox he is choosing the wrong side by joining up with Peter ("He always disappoints the people who believe in him," he says), and tempers soon flare. Luckily for Nathan, Tracy is there to cool things down (literally) by freezing and killing Knox. But interestingly enough, Tracy's plan to remove Nathan and herself from Pinehearst for political reasons don't meet Nathan's approval. Apparently, he really has transformed into his father, and fires Tracy when she protests to his new line of thinking. Worse, Tracy has the formula stolen from her by pesky Daphne and Hiro (again, more on that in a bit).

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