Craig Kilborn Quizzes a 'True Blood' Star About Vampires (VIDEO)

Is this a good time to mention that we've kind of missed Craig Kilborn? Yeah, he's a little weird, and he's not exactly popular these days, and his new talk show will probably be canceled soon. But still ... we like Craig.

On 'The Kilborn File' (weeknights, 7PM ET on Fox), Kilborn welcomes guest Ryan Kwanten, who appears on the vampire-themed show 'True Blood.' If you're not getting your required daily dose of vampire and werewolf-related foolishness from 'Twilight,' then we recommend that you check 'True Blood' out.

Kilborn asks Ryan some of his patented oddball '5 Questions.' Among the questions is this one: Craig wants Ryan to "act," and show what it would be like if he was bitten by a female vampire. (Included in this hypothetical is the fact that Ryan would be "into" being bitten.)

So Ryan complies, and gives a loopy, drugged-out look to the camera. Good stuff. And it's the type of weird TV moment that could only be created by Mr. Kilborn. ... And that's why we like Craig.

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