Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

It's storytelling night on Dancing with the Stars, as the top 10 show off their best acting skills. So who told the best tale?

Whoa! Easy on the cleavage, Brooke! This is a family show, remember? I'm so taken aback that I can't even concentrate on the pro storytelling number illustrating the three dances on tap: samba, waltz and foxtrot (aka another way to fill up time.)

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: samba

Jennifer proposes that she be Derek's teacher whom he has a crush on. Derek's pushing Jen again with harder choreography and samba rolls, but she's not getting it. Jen is in a strategically cut top that exposes her bright red bra. So much cleavage this evening! She's sharp on her turns, but the fast footwork seems to be fumbling her, especially on the deep pivots. She gets through the samba roll, but seems to be playing catch-up the whole routine. Len loves the clever choreography, but noticed a "twiddly bit" in her moves. Bruno calls her the sexy mistress of Cougar Town's academy of samba. Hmm, future guest star? Carrie Ann says they were slightly out of sync, but loves that they carried the story out. Derek grabs Jen for a redo of their slip-up. No do-overs, guys!

Score: 24

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