Review: Community - Interpretive Dance Episode 14

This one actually hits a little close to home. Through most of my childhood, and into my teen years, I took dance classes. I even got pretty good, performing with the St. Louis Ballet Company for a brief time. But, like Troy, there was that element of shame and embarrassment in being a male dancer, primarily based on the negative response most people still seem to have to it.

However, while I've been to plenty of recitals in my day, I've never seen adults perform routines anything like the weird teapot-flower dance Britta found herself in. It was so goofy and hilarious, that I felt almost as horrified and mortified for her as Pierce did. Actually, I think Pierce was having a blast.

Professor Michelle Slater showed back up. In the new semester she and Jeff said school policy be damned and have been hooking up for nearly a month. I loved the expression on Pierce's face, as he hurriedly tried to put his phone away, when the Dean showed up immediately after Michelle left when she and Jeff told the group. When he was tapping away on it during the conversation, I had a feeling he was up to something. This is why your parents and grandparents shouldn't be on Twitter (he said sarcastically).

I like the relationship, though. Michelle's a good character, and she plays well off of Jeff. More importantly, their relationship brought out some great moments with the Dean. The question about their willingness to invite a third party into their bed had me laughing out loud, as did his numerical assigments for both Jeff and Michelle. I wonder who's "#1" among the student body? That seems to significant, that Jeff is "#2," for it to never come up again.

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