Desperate Housewives 6.16 "The Chase" Recap

Three things I want to get out the way before we begin this recap: 1) It's late. I suck. Moving on. 2) ABC airing this episode during closing ceremony of the Olympics was an epic mistake (10 million viewers tuned in, lowest in DH history)! 3) I pray that people won't be lost when the show returns later this month.

Let's Begin...

Lynette and Penny

While Tom and Lynette argue over the name for the new baby girl (names in contention are Polly and Patricia), the forget the birthday of the current "baby" in the house: Penny. And boy is she not amused. When an attempt at fixing their faux pas ends in disaster (Lynette gets Penny a birthday cake that reads "Happy Birthday, POLLY!" Yikes!), Penny does the sensible thing that any suburban kid would do: she runs away.

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