Review: Parks and Recreation - Leslie's House Season 2, Episode 14

So, Leslie's still a little bit crazy, huh? Have we really never seen the inside of her house before? That seems kind of weird to me, but I don't think the writers would have randomly made her a hoarder if we had been in a previously clean place. Anyway, I love how they used her messy house to set up the procession of rec center teachers coming into her house to help with the dinner party. I love it when Leslie's personal life is at odds with her professional one. She wants to do the right thing all of the time, but she is only human after all, and Justin is really hot.

I got a little worried about this episode as we started getting into it, because it seemed like they were setting up Justin to be a jerk, so they could get rid of him quickly. When he was on his date with Leslie and was talking about how they needed to get tickets to Rio, I thought he was utterly charming. However, as you listened to people talk about him leading up to the dinner party, it sounded like he was going to be completely self-involved and douchey.

This wasn't helped by the fact that he kept on telling crazy adventure stories involving scorpion poison at dinner, and seemed to be nodding off because the party wasn't up to his usual level of excitement. It's fun to see Leslie in a semi-normal relationship, and I wasn't ready for it to end. Luckily, it was just a very well-done misdirect, and Justin at the end of the episode turned out to be just as awesome as Justin at the beginning of the episode.

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