Recap - The Mentalist 2.15 "Red Herring"

Tonight on The Mentalist, "Red Herring", we begin with a $100,000 Best Chef competition at the Westing Resort. We see Chef Jeffrey Barge in the kitchen with his sous-chef Eliza. Jeffrey is barking out orders as the staff gets his meal presentation in order. Jeff is sweating profusely and drinking a lot of water. When he goes out to the judging panel and audience to discuss his creations, he suddenly collapses. We see his blurry view of the world as people crowd around him, calling for a doctor.

Next up the CBI are at the scene, so we know Jeff didn't survive. Though it's not yet determined to be a murder, one of the competing chefs is the daughter of a senator, and several high-powered phone calls means Lisbon is on the case. The team talks first with the event coordinator Duesterberg, who had earlier gotten into a fistfight with the victim. The fight was over missing truffles, a $1000 ingredient Jeff had paid for himself and wanted Duesterberg to replace. Duesterberg referred to Jeff as a "genius" and said the fight was "an accident".

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