Piper Perabo Ready To Be Action Heroine On 'Covert Affairs'

Since bursting on the scene in 'Coyote Ugly' a decade ago, Piper Perabo has proven her versatility as an actress, doing everything from horror films ('Carriers') and romantic comedies ('Imagine Me And You') to blockbusters ('The Prestige') and family fare ('Cheaper By The Dozen 1 and 2').

About the only thing Perabo hasn't done is kick some ass as an action star. Now she's ready to do that as CIA spy Annie Walker in the new USA series 'Covert Affairs.'

Turns out that's the role Perabo has been waiting for. "I really like action movies. It's really more like my personality," she told TV Squad. "I've always been a tomboy and so I get to show a lot more of kind of who I am in real life."

As a hardcore action movie fan, what are some of the flicks she would have loved to have been in? "I would have died to have been in 'Fight Club,' except Helena Bonham Carter did such a good job how could you ever replace her? But I think 'Fight Club' is a perfect film; it's in my top three," she said. "I really like 'Hit Man,' people get up on me about that, but I thought Timothy Olyphant is like the perfect mix of that unemotional detachment and sort of hawk-like focus that is really fun to watch. I thought 'Mr. And Mrs. Smith' was a great film; it's a great combination of comedy and action and they do them both really well. I think the first 'Die Hard' is incredible. Bruce Willis has like the perfect mix of humor, but the stakes are really high. It's really hard to do."

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