'Community' Episode 17 - 'Physical Education' Recap

Well, Joel McHale promised nudity on 'Community,' and nudity the series delivered last night. Unfortunately, at least half of that nudity came in the form of "worse than Dennis Franz' ass on 'NYPD Blue.'" The rest was probably more pleasant for those inclined to appreciate that sort of nudity.

And before the parents groups get up in arms, everything that censors fear was hidden behind pool tables, but that isn't to say that a large portion of the student body didn't get to see a large portion of a student's body.

Abed provided the lesson this week, as well as a surprising double-role. And speaking of double roles, Abed and Troy really took it to the next level with their closing credits gag -- it took me a second to realize who they were.

Okay, I'll admit it. The wife figured out they were Bert and Ernie before I did, but the pair were brilliantly perfect in these roles. At this point, I think I could watch Troy and Abed interact all day. Theirs may be my favorite relationship on the show. I'd go so far as to say they're my favorite characters, but everyone on the show has developed such amazing characters I'll just have to settle for it being one of the best ensembles on television.

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