Smallville: "Persuasion" Review Season 9, Episode 13

"Persuasion" felt like two separate stories crammed into one. The Zod storyline had not seen any real developments since last season and required some much-needed focus, but this episode was also originally meant to air before Valentine's Day which probably prompted the need for it to also be a VD themed story. The last twenty-minutes of Zod focused story was excellent while the first two-thirds of Valentine's Day fluff was silly, unnecessary and belonged somewhere in Season 6.

The kryptonian pixie dust (yes, really) that causes Clark to inadvertently hypnotize people into doing what he says did stir up some 'cute' moments between himself and Lois. However, the Lois bits dragged on far too long, distracting us from the meat and potatoes of this episode Zod's plans for world domination. I've gone on record as saying that I really enjoy the Lois and Clark bits, but they're just too silly here.

In fact, I'd say that the whole story could have worked without Clark ever being infected by the meteor rock pixie dust. Without it, we know that Zod would have still been more than capable of manipulating Clark into going after Tess for the murder of Jor-El and that Chloe's story would have still played out the exact same way. It would have spared us Lois' dancing in a wedding dress scene, crying while holding Clark's jacket scene and many of Lois' other Stepford scenes and allowed the narrative to focus on building Clark and Zod's relationship. Since Clark agreed to help the Kandorians -- whether they like it or not -- integrate into human society we really haven't seen much development of the story. There were moments in "Archer" but that was still primarily a Green Arrow episode. We didn't need the distraction this week.

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