Previewing Episode 4.18 "Vs."

Slowly, ever so slowly, we're getting a slightly better idea of what exactly Christina Scofield is up to. Then again, I blame the four month gap for my confused look which watching Prison Break's return last week--I think I did a handful of readings after the episode aired just to get back in the loop. So we're still out for the Scylla, then. Or something else--control of the Company? Again, I blame my attention span.

Now that she's in the picture, everything's been thrown into disarray. Linc's suddenly a little confused as to what he should exactly do--follow the General and recover the Scylla so he can be free, or follow his "mother" (I'm considering his opinion of her, by the way) and lay low until things get swinging and he can be free. Mahone's a little torn in the middle too. Self and T-Bag are, well, not so. Perhaps a little surprised, but they're the guys who want a cut no matter what. I should get used to that idea again.

And then mother wants son killed. Ahhh, the problem with knowing too much.

Here's a spoiler for you: Lincoln won't die in tonight's episode of Prison Break. Don't believe all that rhetoric about a sniper pointed at him, a clean shot being reported, and someone going for the kill. I'm reading the episode description and it suggests otherwise. (And then there's the photo up there. See?) I don't know how they'll try getting out of it, but ultimately Linc and Michael will meet up and confront each other about what exactly they should do with Scylla. (It also means Michael will get to Miami without more problems, after last week's hitchhike from hell.)

The time table was, according to Christina, two days. Tonight, those two days finally happen, and everything gets swinging--all those automatic weapons and fake IDs, making her much more of a bad ass than we initially thought. The General's bound to make a flub, and someone is, obviously, bound to die. And then there's the weird bit--T-Bag and the Indian embassy. I'm expecting it gets passed over when the two days pass. Prison Break returns tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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