THE EVENT ''Protect Them from the Truth'' Review Episode 3

The episode opens with Sean sneaking into a motel room where Agent Collier is handcuffed to a bed and bleeding from a neck wound. We go back two hours to where Sean is trying to convince Collier and the other agent that a plane crash is just behind the ridge they've been told to detour around. An RV comes out of nowhere and hits the agents car, killing one and the police officer who was standing nearby. Sean gets Collier out safe, to a motel, tends to her wounds, and finds out that to search Becky's image on the FBI database he'll have to be inside a field office.

Collier manages to get hold of her phone and call for back up. They can't find Sean when they arrive, because he's actually in the trunk of their car. Once inside the field office, they go to debrief, while Sean takes Collier's laptop, heads to the server room, and does a search for Becky. He finds more than a few aliases. The agents catch him and he's taken into custody, but Collier sees a news-flash about a plane that crashed in the Brazilian jungle after going off-radar an hour ago. The same plane that Sean claimed he was on four hours ago. Her curiosity is peaked.

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