Mad Men: Will the Baby Save Don and Betty's Relationship?

Anyone who watches Mad Men knows that resolutions don't come easy to the many unresolved cliffhangers from past seasons. And if the third season opener is any indication, you'd know that you still wouldn't find any clarity in the near future as to where the show is going. It's all part of the appeal of the drama that takes us back to the changing social mores of 1960s America through the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency. But perhaps the main issue as Mad Men moves further into the third season is what's going to happen with Don now that a baby is on the way.

Don isn't the type who would come clean of his wrong deeds and affairs but seeing how much tainted his relationship with Betty has been made it seem as if he's already on the verge of unburdening his soul. But after last season's big pregnancy revelation, Don's redemption momentum has been somewhat derailed because, understandably, there's just too much at stake and too much too lose. So how will the baby affect the dynamic between Don and Betty and the whole family?

"People say having a baby solves a lot of problems. Well, it creates a lot of problems, too. That's a lot of what we're dealing with in season 3. ... I don't know how broken Don and Betty's relationship is, or how much either one of them really wants to put the tremendous effort it takes into fixing it. What is the next step? That's what we're going to explore," Mad Men star Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper, told Entertainment Weekly.

"I think if Betty had not told Don that she was pregnant at the end of the season that there would have been a completely different conversation at that table," he added. "This baby was conceived not at a great time in their lives. What does that mean?"

Despite his slip with the stewardess last week, Don appears to be making an effort to change and be a better husband. But is the baby enough to save their marriage? Only time will tell.

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