Recap The Young and the Restless: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Neil and Ashley meet and he shows her new photos of the twins. Neil breaks up with Ashley. Meanwhile, Abby asks Daniel to be on the cover of Restless Style with her, but he has no interest. Abby asks Tucker if he would interested in going into business with her. Tucker turns Abby’s proposal down. Later, as Daniel struggles to pay his rent, he puts Abby in her place by showing her how grown-ups deal with real problems. Meanwhile, Tucker tries to cheer Ashley. Abby sees Ashley and Tucker together in an embrace and immediately assumes that the reason Tucker wouldn’t invest in her reality show is because they are sleeping together.

At the Chancellor mansion, guests begin arriving for Kay’s BBQ. Nina nearly chokes when Chloe and Chance share their engagement with her. Jill shares with Billy that she learned who her biological family is. As Chance is trying to talk to Nina about the engagement, Ronan shows up and interrupts the party. Chloe loses her cool with Nina and informs her that she better find a way to deal with the fact that she is about to become her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Paul wonders if Heather is falling for Chance.

Jeff teases Gloria with a big surprise on their wedding anniversary. Jeff informs Gloria that he bought her Indigo. Gloria and Jeff celebrate being the new faces of Indigo.

Chloe informs Kevin that she is moving in with him. Kay realizes that Jill is about the stake her claim to the Fenmore fortune.

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