Dollhouse: Oscar Winner Keith Carradine Snags Role - Featured

First up, the quick update: Oscar winner Keith Carradine is set to appear in two episodes of Dollhouse, the second season of which premieres on September 25. There's not many details on what he'll do there and how he'll shake up life underground, but he is set to play Matthew Harding, a very powerful businessman.

Next up, a little bit on him: the half-brother of recently deceased David Carradine recently rejoined the cast of Showtime's Dexter, and his Oscar win was for the film Nashville. It's for Best Original Song, however.

Now, the speculation. Considering what we know about the Dollhouse so far, how exactly will he rattle the underground? The first thing that comes to mind is that, obviously, he could be a high-ranking executive at Rossum, one who'll put the pressure on Adelle for something. The one thing I'm sure of is this: he isn't Rossum's big boss. (Minor spoilers upcoming.) If you've seen "Epitaph One" on DVD or elsewhere, you would know that Rossum's big boss is a certain Mr. Ambrose.

The second possible scenario is that he's a client of the Dollhouse. Plausible, but why two episodes? Oh, right, they can play with that now. Now we have a second season to play with, I'd like to see engagements stretch beyond an episode, and I think we'll see lots of that, too.

Another possible scenario: is he from a Rossum rival? I just thought of this because I have a feeling the Dollhouses will be getting a lot of pressure this season, with Alexis Denisof being cast as a senator who'll do just that. If it's going to be two episodes, that makes more sense--maybe he gets pretty close (in a not so good way) with Adelle, and perhaps to her chagrin, the Dollhouse she runs.

But enough of the speculation. I'll be waiting for more (official) clarification of what Carradine's exactly going to be, but for now, I'll leave it to your thoughts. The obligatory question, then: thoughts?

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