Eureka: "The Ex-files" Review Season 4, Episode 8

Oh my gosh, I've missed Stark! In this week's episode "The Ex-Files," he's back and torturing Carter like he always did. He's shirtless (thank you writers), he's snarky... and he's imaginary. That's right. This week our time traveling troupe is hallucinating their fears. Carter is seeing Stark, who rides him about his fear of his love for Alison. A pretty strong fear since it's taken him four years to admit it. I'm still not convinced these two will live happily ever after. Really, who does in TV land? Alison imagines Tess is back and harassing her about dating her ex. See? Women have those rules too. What she really fears is losing Carter the way she lost Stark. Fargo's fear comes to life in his fifth grade nemesis, who teases him about his lack of backbone until he stands up to the general. And Jo imagines an overly loving Zane, realizing their relationship wasn't really all hearts and flowers.

This week, Henry manages to escape the drama because of a chip he and Grace have installed in their necks, helping them to read each other's thoughts. Thank you, oh thank you for giving my favorite couple a week of ridiculous happiness. It's about time Henry smiled. And really, how could anyone have resisted last week's serenade?

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