DARK BLUE ''Shelter of the Beast'' Review Season 2, Episode 3

If you are a fan of dark, witty, romantic undercover stories with deep characters, compelling acting and some awesome stunts, then sadly, DARK BLUE's third episode Shelter of the Beast of its second season was not for you. Carter and the gang tries to take down a Mexican drug lord whilst Dean goes undercover and gets involved with a drug dealer's daughter.

I'm going to start with the good. Firstly, Tricia Helfer. She plays FBI Agent Alex Rice, Carter's love interest and case leader. I want her character to be killed off because Tricia Helfer is, unfortunately, too good for such a stupid role. I mean, come on! She was Number Six on BSG! She's near the top of a list of Emmy snubs. She is awesome and her role is not.

Secondly, Dark Blue has a weird way of hooking me. The first five or ten minutes of almost every episode are usually quite strong. This one was no exception, and I was beginning to think the show had finally stumbled onto some interesting territory where they had a complex and intriguing plot that would affect the characters we care (or should care) about. Unfortunately this hope was dashed when the actual casework began. Specifically, it failed around the hookers.

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