Recap The Young and the Restless: Thursday, July 1, 2010

At the mental hospital, Adam puts on a façade of fear and paranoia, but alone immediately starts setting his plan into motion. Victor and Michael meet with Owen and try to negotiate bail for Nick. Later, Owen offers proof that Victor paid Frank Ellis off in order to get Nick out of jail.

Patty informs the nurse that she is happy to finally have someone looking up to her for once as Dawn, another patient, is. Adam sets it up to look like Patty stabbed Dawns doll through the heart with a pen. Dr. Fowler informs Victor and Michael that he believes Adam’s insanity is all an act. Later, Adam goes to Patty’s room and begins to torment her.

Chloe tries to convince Kevin to let her and Delia move in with him, but he isn’t interested in her pitch. Meanwhile, Ronan and Chance face off over how to handle Frank Ellis. Kevin finally agrees to let Chloe and Delia move in. Kevin warns Chloe what will happen when Chance finds out that she is spying on him. Kevin is startled when he finds Jana at their apartment. She gives him money and says Ryder is going to give him the rest. Meanwhile, Ryder breaks into the suite of a rich woman staying at the club. Heather advises Chance to try and work things out with Ronan. Things get heated between Chloe and Nina, which Ronan overhears. At Kevin’s, Chance is thrown when he and Heather run into Chloe and Kevin in the hall as they are moving Chloe’s things into Kevin’s place.

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