The 'Work of Art' Finale Episode 10

Work of Art, the little show that could, is already at its season finale. I'm already praying for another season, you? Tonight, someone will win a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and $100,000 (thanks Prismacolor, for sponsoring this and for showing that there is life after RoseArt). This finale is SO Project Runway, starting with Simon De Pury (Work of Art's Tim Gunn) visiting the artists' houses to see how their work is coming along. And then I realized that this finale, like Project Runway, is probably in two parts.

Simon in your Home

First, Simon visits Peregrine, who has been making casts, drawing vomiting girls, and trying to photograph two dead twin fawns in a case (she describes them as "so beautiful, and so sad, and so pretty and so creepy," pretty much). Simon visits Abdi next and gives me hope that this will just be a one-part one-hour finale. Simon tells Abdi that what he sees is "not dazzling, quite frankly." Finally, Simon visits Miles, who admits to some early sociopathic tendencies (setting deathtraps for small animals as a child). Miles took pictures of people at a White Castle, one of whom happened to be a homeless man who froze to death two days later. Some people have all the luck.

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