Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 2, Episode 13 - Surprise

Buffy has a vivid dream (a very undead Drusilla dusts Angel) which she fears is prophetic. Willow remembers why she can't go on a date with Oz and invites him instead to the surprise party the Scoobies are planning for Buffy's 17th birthday. Elsewhere, Dru, strong as Buffy dreamed, arranges her own gala event, while Spike, using a wheelchair but quite undead as well, directs his gang to collect scattered pieces of the demon Judge to reassemble for her present. The Scoobies deduce the plot when Buffy and Jenny Calendar intercept one of the pieces. Following secret Gypsy orders to separate Angel from the Slayer, Jenny encourages Angel on his mission to prevent the dire consequences of reassembly - he must take the Judge's arm by cargo ship to "the remotest region possible." While Angel gives Buffy a Claddagh ring for her birthday during their tearful parting at the dock, Spike's vamps manage to steal the arm back, scrubbing the mission. Later at the library, Buffy has another informative dream, and takes Angel to investigate the factory where Spike and Dru have their lair. They narrowly escape the now fully assembled and activated Judge, then return to Angel's apartment exhausted and drenched. Still suffering from successive threats of losing one another, Angel and Buffy confess feelings each has been trying to suppress. They make love for the first time and fall asleep in each other's arms. Suddenly, in a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, Angel bolts awake and runs out into the storm, calling Buffy's name in anguish...

Source: Wikipedia

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