The Science of Flipping Sides

Let's see what we got right this week. If the 24 episode a couple of days ago is to be judged, then the threat isn't over yet (but duh), Hodges has been locked up (or, more in tune with the real-time premise, is in the process of being locked up), and Jack is still breaking apart. Oh, and Tony's flipped sides again. Hoorah, what now? But there's something special - but that's a little too, err, delicate a term to use - with the past hour, and that's a flipping of sides. One's expected, and the other is, well, expected, but more because we've been hyping it for eons.

First up, Jack Bauer flips. We did mention his reunion with Kim would be emotional, and while we need a little reminder that Jack is still a human being, with feelings, the scenario this time is a little more confusing. He doesn't want his daughter dragged into this mess. He doesn't want to lose his daughter. He's forgetting things - literally. And then you see him slowly disarm himself, and you're wondering whether this is the Jack Bauer you've seen before.

Well, it's all business, and he's been quite uptight - except for a few, very rare moments - for most of the show, so what the heck. I think he hasn't exactly gotten to grips with the situation he's facing: he's dying and everything's slowly coming back to him. (The fact that Kim was looking all over for him for the past couple of seasons just confirmed this. How many years has it been?) Sooner, he must, but I'll guess he'll be too preoccupied, and we'll all be surprised if another symptom catches up with him.

On a slightly different note, is it just me, or was Elisha Cuthbert too business-like in her scene? You're supposed to stay tough, but not when you're crying in front of your dad...

Second up, Tony Almeida flips. Turns out we didn't have him on our side entirely. He did bomb the fuel tanks at Starkwood and gave Hodges zero leverage against President Taylor, but he later got his hands on the pathogen, and killed Moss along the way. Now, we know we're supposed to be a bit confused about which side Tony is coming from, but the least I think I should have is an idea of what he exactly wants. Either I'm confused with what he's been up to the past seventeen hours, or he's just fickle. Two planes and a pardon consideration later, I still don't have an idea. But it seems we can't trust Tony as a protagonist yet - with speculation that he'll take over if Jack dies? Errr....

Third up, Jonas Hodges flips. Nah, that was just an excuse to get three headers here - three is the magic number, after all. But I digress. Now that he and Seaton are arrested, in a slightly what-the-bleep? fashion, we're left to piece together again the end goal for the antagonists. He's just, after all, a small cog in a big machine - either he's bluffing, or there's something we haven't gotten wind of. Don't tell me is Tony. Tony?

Well, that rounds this thing up. We still got a few things wrong, but hey, this is 24. And we have six hours left.

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Apr 16, 2009 5:39PM EDT

This was a good episode. turning tony is one of my favorite characters. i don't think there is any character from any show that i've gone back and forth as much on whether i hate the guy or love him. now i just love him (in a non-gay way of course). good, bad, nutrual it doesn't matter, i think i'm rooting for him. or at least rooting that he gives jack a good fight if he does need to go down...again.

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