NCIS ''Spider and the Fly'' Review Season 8, Episode 1

I'm not a nail biter but there were moments in this season premiere of NCIS, called Spider and the Fly, that had me ready to start. The episode begins right where the finale ended off and we see that Jackson got away from Paloma. Fast forward a few months and Jackson is now living with Gibbs and under constant protection. Everyone has been hunting for Paloma but they haven't found her yet. Back at the office, Gibbs has McGee and Ziva out working leads, which means that he and Tony are back to a two man team for a little while.

When two bodies are found near a chopper and the cockpit camera shows that Paloma was on the aircraft, Gibbs brings McGee and Ziva home to work the new lead. Missing for months after getting shot in an ambush in Mexico that Tony had been unable to prevent, Franks suddenly shows up on Gibbs doorstep. He tries to convince Jackson that sitting around is getting them nowhere, but when the threats get too close to home it's Gibbs who decides that enough is enough and sets a deadly trap for Rivera. The man is in the U. S. trying to convince everyone that he wants to help capture his sister but he's really there gathering info for her. When brother and sister fall for the ruse, Rivera ends up shooting and killing his own sister.

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