South Park on Religion

South Park has taken aim at virtually everything and everyone over its long history. They have skewered every race, gender, political affiliation, and yes - religion. Religion is arguably the thorniest of all these issues because it involves such passions. You only have to look at any given year in human history to find someone killing someone else because they don't share the same belief in something that is - by definition - unknowable to anyone still hanging out in a mortal coil.

For a time it seemed that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park must be atheists. They bashed seemingly anything to do with religion, so surely they are good secular liberals like the vast majority of comedians. But it's more complicated than that - as things with this show often are. It may seem like a crudely animated show about potty mouthed adolescents and talking poo - but it's not that easy. Just as it's hard to pin down exactly where Parker and Stone fall politically, their position on religion is a shade of gray. One constant theme is that religion is all well and good - until people get involved.

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