NCIS: LOS ANGELES ''Human Traffic'' Review Season 2, Episode 1

Last night NCIS: Los Angeles came back from summer hiatus with two episodes back to back. The first episode, called Human Traffic starts off with Callen dreaming about the day he spotted someone photographing him at the cemetery where his sister was buried. He never caught the person and Hetty's worried about the fact that he's still wandering aimlessly without a home and sleeping on Sam's couch. But everyone quickly forgets about that issue when Deeks turns up missing while deep undercover.

The team finds out that two of the men Deeks was working with were killed in a bomb, which should have caused him to report in immediately. When Deeks partner is killed in a car bomb just moments after giving them a briefing, they are even more confused as to what could have happened. Finally Deeks does show up and we find out that he was nearly killed in the blast. Injured, he was out cold for 15 hours and as soon as he woke up, he went straight to Hetty. Deeks knows that she'll help him stay on his case so that he can catch the animal whose business is drugging and kidnapping girls and putting them up for sale. The LAPD wants to solve the case too and one particular detective dislikes the interference from NCIS. No surprise that it turns out he was on the bad guy's payroll. He tried to blame Deeks partner (and lover, as it turns out), but is caught when Deeks puts on a wire and gets the guy to confess.

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