Glee Episode 15: "The Power of Madonna" Review

I feel like I might be in the minority on this one, for not absolutely loving it - but I found the much-hyped "The Power of Madonna" to be a bit messy in the writing department, even while it delivered several really great scenes and moments along the way.

This was a first for Glee - and episode paying tribute to a single recording artist, featuring only the songs of that one person. Is Madonna a worthy subject of such a tribute? I'd say yes - even if you aren't a fan, it's hard to argue with her success and overall impact. But yeesh, did we have to then have it spelled out for us so much through this hour? I get that they wanted to thank Madonna for allowing her songs to be used, but man, they sure laid it on thick - as one character after another spoke about how amazing and inspiring Madonna is.

The thing is, that argument was made so much better via performance. I loved when Rachel and Finn walked through the school, singing "Open Your Heart", and we saw students in the background dressed as one different Madonna-look after another - each instantly recognizable and iconic in its own way. That right there conveyed volumes more about Madonna's long-term success than having it said out loud over and over again did - and was a much more fun and engaging way to get that message across.

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