LIE TO ME ''In The Red'' Review Season 3, Episode 1

Well season 3 of LIE TO ME came early with tonight's premiere, called In The Red, getting bumped up a few weeks thanks to the cancellation of another show. In this episode, Cal goes to visit his bank after getting threatened by the publisher of the book he hasn't written yet (even though he's accepted the advance for it). While there, he spots a man acting suspicious and realizes the guy is casing the place to rob it. So Cal goes straight to the bank manager and tells him that he can help them out. Strangely the manager doesn't want the police involved, but Cal is game to help anyway... for a price. So he tells the would-be robbers that he's an ex-employee with a grudge and can get them in to the bank. They fall for it but when all is said and done, one of them just wants to get into the place so that he can find out why his mortgage interest rates were raised a few years ago, causing him to beat one of the employees and landing him in jail. Turns out the bank manager himself was the one who made the mistake and even though it's too little, too late, he does end up helping out the family in the end by giving them their house back.

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