'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' finale recap: Blank, vacant, soulless

After last night's finale, something just doesn't feel right with me. Maybe it's the one too many Coke-and-red-wine combos I had, or maybe it's the fact that yet again, I find myself actually siding with Danielle [shudder]. Relax, I'm not saying we're about to get our nails done at Chateau together or share cheese fries at the diner, but let's face it: Danielle is the show. I want to be on Team Caroline/Teresa/Jacqueline, but would you rather watch an hour of family 'drama' featuring Gia's road to stardom and Ashley's bad behavior, or Danielle's ridiculous attempts to explain the complexities of life? Hate her if you will, but Danielle's lunacy provides a common ground for housewives and Housewives fans alike; it's something we can all agree on. And to be fair, in the real, non-reality-show world, if people really had such a problem with a person, they wouldn't stage a third public confrontation. As Danielle put it, If you didn't like me, would you go where you know I am to tell me, I don't like you!? You just wouldn't be around me!

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