Centurion UK Review

Dog Soldiers/The Descent director Neil Marshall takes on the swords and sandals genre in this typically bloody action flick.

Fashioning a fantasy around the legendary missing Roman Ninth Legion, Marshall has cannily cast the versatile Michael Fassbender (Eden Lake, Inglourious Basterds) as principled Roman warrior Quintus Dias. Dias is the sole survivor of a Pictish raid in northern Britain, AD 117. Spared death after swearing at the Picts in their own language, prisoner Dias is rescued by fellow Romans, only to find himself knee-deep in more bloodshed when he teams up with the Ninth Legion.

Before long, the Legion falls foul of those pesky Picts again. Heads are lopped off and limbs fly: just a small group of the Ninth Legion remain. It's up to Quintus Dias to lead the gang in a mission to rescue the popular General Virilus (Dominic West) while keeping this bare-bones team alive. Good luck with that, mate.

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