Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Maternal Convergence Season 3, Episode 11

Christine Baranski is back! I loved this episode, but it was way too short. It was so fast-paced, that it seemed like it was over before it even got started. They really picked up where they left off the last time she guest-starred. In that episode; they established how she and Sheldon were basically the same person and hinted at a Mrs. Robinson-type relationship. In this episode, they totally went there.

Sure, she was drunk and didn't really mean it, but when she pulled Sheldon in and kissed him, my jaw dropped. It's been a while since we've seen her, and they spent the first half of this episode establishing basically that Sheldon had replaced Leonard in his mother's life. He's sending her get-well flowers, he knows about Leonard's dog dying, he's giving Beverly notes on her papers; so when she kissed him, it was jarring -- like she was kissing her own son.

Otherwise, I loved how they managed to get her and Penny in the same room together -- drinking, no less. The entire scene was golden. From Beverly telling Penny about being responsible for her own orgasm, to wanting the bus boy to ravish her in the alley while she ate cheesecake, Baranski was hilarious. It was also nice how she came around and approved of Penny (in her own weird way) at the end.

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