Vampire Diaries Episode 8: "162 Candles" - Recap

Halloween may be over but the witches and vamps of Mystic Falls didn't get the message. If the All Hallows' Eve-themed "Haunted" tied the bow on a lot of dangling ribbons, then "162 Candles" started wrapping a whole new present. Taking full advantage of their chance to stop and a take a breath, the writers introduced us to an old - make that really old - friend of the Salvatore brothers while giving screen time to characters we haven't seen much of lately.

So, what happened?

Stefan's into older women: No, he didn't leave Mystic Falls for Cougar Town. His longtime vamp buddy Lexi turned up for her traditional birthday visit. Don't worry, Elena! They're just friends. And besides, she's twice his age. We're talking mid-300's. Not mid-thirties. They've been through a lot, though. Their adventures include a skinny-dipping session in The Trevi Fountain, a drunken excursion on the torch of The Statue of Liberty and a "pretty crazy weekend" with Bon Jovi.

Where's Veronica Mars when you need her? Sheriff Forbes is having a tough time solving a mystery; two, actually. One, what happened to Vicki? And two, who in her town is a vampire? Obviously profiling is not her strong suit. She's willingly giving Damon information on the investigations, and not the files marked "Cougar Attack." The uncensored reports filed under the letter "V."

Mind Control on Caroline= Mean. On Jeremy = Godsend: It might be unethical but Elena's request to have Damon re-wire her bro's brain (like he hasn't voluntarily done it any number of times with an even greater number of substances) was a wise decision. Manufactured or not, he's healthily dealing with his pain, kicked his substance experimentation/abuse (depending on who's reading this) and even started caring about school.

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