30 Rock Season 4, Episode 4: "Audition Day" - Recap

TGS is looking to add a star to its roster and Liz is in charge of finding said star. She's narrowed it down to her final pick but she needs to make the decision look like Jack's green light call. Ergo, she brings in a slew of horribly untalented "talents." (We even get a flashback to Liz's early career auditions - hysterical!) Her goal is to rig the audition and force Jack into "choosing" her dream talent.

Jenna absolutely cannot stand the thought of another superstar being on the show and when she discovers that the auditions are commencing this very day, she bursts into Liz's office. It is here that Jenna grows a brain cell and sees Liz's plan - the "set-up" for the faux auditions. Jenna's not having it! She hates the man who is to be the new cast member. She had a bad experience with him backstage, and he's psycho! She's going to stop his hiring from happening at all costs!

Meanwhile, Jack has an itching feeling and...it's just that. An itch; well, bed bugs, actually! And although he is supposed to be at a meeting with all the executives, they force him to video-telecommute in. (Insert Cisco technology promo here!) Jack is left feeling hurt and demeaned...and then they put him on mute!

Liz begins letting other staffers into the audition, not because she thinks they're really talented or anything, but because they emotionally elbow their way in, and she's a laughable push-over. With the onslaught of current TGS talents fearing that their jobs are at risk, Jenna and Tracy resolve to make a bold move: to find even better talents to audition to knock out Liz's original pick!

Jack's itches continue, and he makes a break for the dermatologist but NBC won't let him use the company car. Heck, a taxi driver, won't even let him in! People in the subway (even the homeless) won't talk to him! He's a self-proclaimed "leper of society!"

Auditions commence, and Jack lets anyone and everyone audition - "The bedbugs have chewed the blinders off of his eyes." He's now a better, more compassionate man...supposedly. "Talents" grace the stage, and the term is used loosely; they suck! (Even Brian Williams is there and he's a riot...but not necessarily in the good way.)

With all the haphazard things happening on the stage, of course Liz's whiz-kid is going to walk away with the job, right? Well, although his performance is a knockout, we find out that Jenna was right all along - he IS psycho! (He frames Liz, concocting a scheme that makes it look as if she's been taking pictures of his genitals - how unpleasant!)

Jack, of course, circumvents all of this and hires a man whose sole talent is popping and locking badly: "the robot." Plain and simple, nothing even goes the way you think it will at 30 Rock. Yes, with one simple beg-bug-enthused choice, Audition Day is wrapped up in a pretty little package, and all is right on the 'Rock.

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